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Kevin Day

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Capturing Life - those magical moments

The story

I photograph weddings wherever you want although I am based in the Thames valley.

My style is primarily documentary although you can call it reportage, journalism, candid, fly-on-the-wall. But whatever you want to call it, my aim is to capture all those special moments on your special day. So if you've read this far then there is a good chance you are getting married . . . many congratulations! And now you are most probably wondering why the simplest of things are suddenly so much more expensive because you mentioned the wedding word.

And why does every supplier assumes that you want to be a princess for the day. And whoever thought there were so many websites, blogs and magazines dedicated to telling you what you have to have or do, to make your day complete. I'm afraid I can't help you with the other arrangements but I can promise to keep the photography nice and straightforward. You don't want your photographer organising you on your wedding day, you just want me quietly working away in the background, seeing those special little moments just before they happen and presenting you with images that tell the story of the whole day from start to finish.

Why would someone put themselves in the pressure pot of making sure that never-to-be-repeated moments are not only caught but captured with such emotion that you smile every time you look back at them? It's simple, I really love it, I love seeing people crying with joy, children playing, laughter, tender moments . . . just really happy people.

Am I the best wedding photographer? I wish I could say yes but I know there are some outstandingly creative photographers out there, but their fee usually reflects their skill. It all depends on what you want!

Am I the cheapest wedding photographer? Definitely not, but I am a long way from being the most expensive!

Am I the most experienced wedding photographer? Probably not, there are definitely older photographers out there.

What I am though is passionate about making sure that your wedding day photographs are beautiful and honest . . . If my honesty hasn't put you off so far . . . and I really do hope it hasn't, take a look at the photos in the gallery or individual stories of wedding days and drop me a line to arrange a chat and have a laugh about the silliness that is the wedding industry!


The highlight galleries are more suitable for sharing with friends, lets be honest - do you really want to ask your friends to sit through lots of shots of your family and relatives when all they really want to see are shots of the bride, the groom, a couple of reception photos and a good few fun shots without appearing bored by it all.

Extended Galleries do what it says on the tin, or in this case, the folder. These are all the shots that I want you to see to get the full story of the day, some may not be that flattering, but if they aren't then they have been included to fully tell your story.

You can of course view both but all the Highlight photos are within the Extended gallery so if you have the time then just enjoy the full story in the Extended gallery.

And a final word of caution the access passwords to highlight and extended galleries for the same wedding are different!

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